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Welcome to my website!

You love the sun? You love the sea and the sand under your feet? You love the warmth, you feel at home in tourquise water and you feel alive when there is a nice breeze coming up making your hair wave in the wind? Then we are sisters and brothers from other mothers...


Here I want to share my adventures and experiences with you. Mostly it's about my passions kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kiteskating and wakeskating.


I've decided to dedicate my life to this watersports and am now living my biggest dream. I'm still studying, at the moment doing my Masters degree in Sports- and Event Management. It wasn't always easy... I worked hard to efford a distance learning programm, which now enables me to travel to the best spots around the world for training.


Always in search for wind and flat water, I'm blessed to be able to practise the most freeing boardsports at the most beautiful places on earth now.


I believe that these are the sports that can provide you everything from life that you need. Wakeboarding is for the fun! For the everyday fun in front of your door at the cable near to your home. Kiteboarding is for the freedom! The freedom you feel, when you hear the water floating under your board, the finns cutting the flawless surface and the tail of your board sprays a huge fountain through a calm and lonesome lagoon somewhere at a secret spot...


Come on a journey with me. A journey around the world, going for the best places, forgetting all pressures and liabilities at home. Join me on a trip you will never forget. But forget home. Because home is where your heart is!

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Hang on & hang loose!

Yours Tanja